Welcome. My name is Sophie, I’ve written 3 books, the bestselling Mindful Hypnobirthing, Mindful Mamma and Mindful Menopause.

I love change and times of transition and believe it opens up opportunities to explore life in a way that is exciting and liberating. But none of this change comes without challenges, specifically hormone related! My work is all about helping you to have the best possible experience of menopause. I invite you to explore these simple tools that will help you live life to its fullest. You can have a positive menopause!

What is Mindful Menopause?

A mindful menopause is about approaching your menopause with intentional awareness of the changes in your body and your mind as you navigate these years.  Your beliefs, thoughts and feelings have the power to change your experience but many of these are unconsciously formed ideas of what menopause should be. With my book and work you can free yourself from what people say menopause should be and have a positively liberating experience. You can also learn life-changing tools that can help with sleep, weight, well-being and more.

What is Mindful Hypnotherapy?

Mindful Hypnotherapy is a unique approach to hypnosis that I’ve been using for over 15 years.  Simple hypnosis and mindfulness tools can be taught as an extension of the sessions you have with me, or if you have read my book, to empower you to make changes for the long term.  Sometimes hypnosis will work for you, sometimes a simple mindfulness exercise will give you what you need to reduce anxiety, increase confidence, balance and calm in your life. I can tailor an approach that is completely unique.

Work with me

You can book one to one hypnotherapy sessions with me, where we can explore specific worries or things you wish to change or achieve, this may be setting a weigh-less goal, reducing anxiety or increasing energy and motivation. Or you can join one of my Mindful Menopause Courses, where you can go through the aspects of the book in more depth, create your own goals, learn how to write your own affirmations and visualisations and create the space for a positive menopause. You will be seriously well equipped after one of these classes!

Mindfulness and Hypnosis in perimenopause can help:


Reduce blood pressure


Reduce hot flushes


Reduce stress and anxiety


Improve sleep and rest


Increase motivation


support weight loss